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Resona 7 

Always Be Ahead of the Curve

Designed to help clinicians address the changing needs of today's healthcare environment, the Resona 7 Ultrasound System delivers crystal clear imaging capabilities with unrivaled detail resolution and image uniformity. The Resona 7 propels premium ultrasound imaging into the next generation by coupling premium imaging, a suite of artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced technologies, and user-directed ergonomic design.

Resona I9 

Ultrasound Reimagined

Breaking the mold of conventional ultrasound systems and bringing usability and ergonomics into the limelight, the Resona I9 provides an entirely new experience that is driven by innovation. The new system features innovative design elements such as an intelligent iConsole control panel, customizable E-Ink keys, and a fully free-floating user interface to help minimize fatigue during scans. The Resona I9 Ultrasound System features a modular design for convenient serviceability, a two-hour continuous scanning battery, and a quiet operating experience.

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Special Features at our Booth

Hepatology Solutions

Explore our new Hepatology Solutions station, which features a new suite of quantitative tools for evaluating liver disease, including attenuation imaging, shear wave elastography, and transient elastography.

Ultrasound Showcase 

Learn more about ergonomics, image quality, color performance, and shear wave elastography at the Ultrasound Showcase featuring the Resona I9 Ultrasound on Sunday, November 27 and Monday, November 28 at 11 AM and 2:30 PM.

Don't let today's budget keep you from tomorrow's technology

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Mindray is dedicated to providing world-class solutions that meet the clinical and financial needs or a diverse range of healthcare institutions. Through it all, we are steadfast in our vision to provide better healthcare for all and a clearer vision for your future.

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Today's Needs. Tomorrow's Technology 

Mindray’s exclusive Living Technology™ guarantee will secure your product investment by ensuring that your system remains at the cutting-edge of imaging performance excellence. Living Technology is a constantly evolving, software-based approach to providing our partners with easily upgradable enhancements made possible with our core imaging technologies: ZONE Sonography® Technology+ (ZST+), X-Insight, and mQuadro.

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“Mindray’s five-year warranty and investment protection will ensure me, my team, and our patients are at the forefront of ultrasound technology today and in the future.”

 – Brian D. Coley, MD, Radiologist-in-Chief at Cincinnati Children’s

Industry's Best Investment Protection and Cost of Ownership

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Protecting your investment is important. As your trusted partner, we will assure your systems’ reliability throughout the life cycle, providing you with peace of mind. We offer a five-year1 guarantee on all of our ultrasound systems. This encompasses software updates2, parts3, and service needs at no additional cost.

  1. Standard five-year warranty is available for systems purchased directly from Mindray North America. Warranties for systems purchased from Mindray authorized agents can vary.
  2. Upgrades, such as new application packages and hardware, are optional purchases.
  3. Normal wear and failure – includes cart (where applicable), scan module, and transducers.

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